Fatigue Management System for modern Life

Want to start being good to yourself?

Give us 3 weeks and we’ll recharge your batteries with our sleep-based meditation series.  Getting started is FREE and available on your iPhone or your computer.

BOLD Tranquility is available
via your iPhone or web.
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Sound familiar?

  • This is how my life feels: scattered, fragmented, and exhausting. I’m always running as fast as I can on little sleep often getting nowhere.

  • I went to my child’s field trip taking peeks at my smartphone the whole time. Then after putting my child to bed I went back to work for another five hours. Woke up in a bad mood.

  • My to-do list never ends. My sleep is poor because I often wake in a panic at night about things I need to do or didn’t get done.

Shaking your head?  You’re ready to be good to yourself.



oneDownload our free app via
mobile or web.

twoLie or sit down and listen to
BOLD Tranquility’s
sleep-based meditation.


Let science and (common)
sense restore your vitality.

  • Better sleep
  • Feel Happier
  • Strengthen immune system

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