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What mom doesn’t need more energy, better sleep,
and a better mood?


Yoga nidra meditation is a sleep-based mindfulness meditation technique that takes people from blah to bliss. It’s the perfect tune-up for a mom’s soul. And get this: all she has to do is lie down, do nothing, and then wake-up and feel great. What could be better than that?

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Here’s what the gift of rest includes

Yoga Nidra Meditation*


One 20-minute yoga nidra meditation focused on managing fatigue and increasing energy and productivity.


One 20-minute yoga nidra meditation to improve sleep.


One 20-minute yoga nidra meditation to help you feel happier and less anxious.

*All 3 meditations are downloadable MP3s that can be uploaded to mobile and computer devices.

Why Mom Needs this

To Manage Stress

Because multi-tasking the universe is hard-work.

To handle exhaustion + overwhelm

Because moms have babies, work jobs outside the home, run households and worry about their kids.

To feel positive when faced with challenges

Because mothering while managing tough circumstances can affect her mood.

For permission to do nothing…

By giving them the gift of rest you’re saying it’s their turn to get some rest so they can stay in rhythm.


We’re offering the Gift of Rest to celebrate the upcoming release of our new Bold Tranquility yoga nidra meditation app later this month.

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Angela Torres

Even after a long and exhausting day of work to come home to care for my family, the practice of yoga nidra meditation allows me to recharge in a short amount of time, refocus & move on without much work except to just lie there & let go. It’s a tool we all need to relearn in our busy lives. I’m hoping by modeling to my children that they will pick up on the practice early in life long before they become busy adults.

Angela Torresmom in Virginia
Kelly Fischer

Yoga nidra meditation gives me a chance to physically rest and mentally disconnect from my hectic day. Maybe best of all, I always emerged feeling like my battery was “re-charged” and I am better able to tackle the rest of the day! For anyone who has trouble falling asleep at night – doing yoga nidra right before bedtime has been a surefire way for me to get to sleep more quickly – because it really keeps me from doing the non-stop mental chatter. Instead, I am giving myself an opportunity to really turn the volume down on the noise of the world, check in with my body, and find deep relaxation. It is there, within that stillness that I find myself.

Kelly Fischermom in Iowa
Tanya Malcolm

Yoga Nidra is changing my life. 20 – 30 minutes a day is easy to manage and leaves me feeing renewed, focused, and proud to have fit in some self care. I rarely fumble for words, the night waking to care for my infant is tolerable, and my daily tasks are getting accomplished. It’s all about sleep based meditation! Yep I said it…I’m sleeping my way to clarity, physical energy & abundance!

Tanya Malcolmmom in Fernie, British Columbia

Yoga nidra brings about a sense of clarity for me. When I do it faithfully I can feel my anxiety lessen immediately.

Erinmom in Massachusetts


The Gift of Rest costs $17.77

The Gift of Rest is delivered via email only. You may have it delivered immediately or on
Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014

Give the Gift of Rest


Yoga nidra is a sleep-base meditation technique. Yes – SLEEP!  Typically in meditation you’re told not to lie down, because you may fall asleep. With yoga nidra meditation, while we will instruct mom to stay awake and aware throughout the practice, she is encouraged to lie down. If she  falls asleep, it’s okay, yoga nidra still imprints on her subconscious mind and provides its intended benefits.

Yoga nidra uses breath work and specific sounds, visualizations, and affirmations that allow mom to enter the deepest levels of sleep-like relaxation. It is a conscious state of sleep, taking her through deep brainwave frequencies that allow for deep rest, relaxation and profound healing.

Many people ask us: do I have to practice yoga nidra meditation lying down because it’s sleep-based? Actually, it’s quite simple to do it anywhere. Moms who do our yoga nidra sit in their parked minivans lying back listening to yoga nidra while waiting for soccer practice to end. They can also do it at their desk before lunch or before an important meeting to give them quick deep restoration.

Don’t let the word yoga fool you. This is not the bendy-stretchy yoga. There are no asanas. All mom does is lie back and do nothing. The results? Less exhaustion, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life.

If you feel your mom or a mom you know needs some rest, this gift is perfect for her.



  • The Gift of Rest is an electronic gift with 3 downloadable mp3′s that will arrive in your gift recipient’s inbox. It is sent via email, not traditional mail.
  • Offer valid May 2nd-11th only.
  • Gifts can only be delivered immediately or on Mothers Day, May 11, 2014
  • All sales are final.
  • Sending multiple gifts? You will need to complete each gift separately.
  • Yoga nidra meditations are based on the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra.
  • Our yoga nidra meditation is not religious. It’s a combination or practical techniques like breathwork, mindfulness, and affirmations to help you manage fatigue and more. It’s backed by science and can benefit everyone.
  • If you have a customer service question, email us: We love happy people doing yoga nidra meditation.
  • 10% of our profit goes directly to help women in Kenya.

The Gift of Rest is delivered via email only.
You may have it delivered immediately or on
Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014


So sorry, you missed the deadline to purchase The Gift of Rest for Mother's Day.

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